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A Lifestyle Choice: Hostess Hot Food Buffet


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LeMax Glass
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...Our People    Dudley Maudlin has been involved in the appliance industry for more than 25 years.  He has held corporate marketing positions both overseas and in Australia, with prestigious European appliance companies and has a wealth of experience relating to top quality products.  In 2000, Dudley and his wife Sally set up Seaward Agencies Pty Ltd. Their company represents the interests of various importers of European appliances in Queensland, including Wine Storage Cabinets and a range of European Cooking Appliances. In addition they carry their own innovative range of appliances under the brand name CarterNoir.

Seaward Agencies Pty Ltd, Sunshine Coast, Australia



Sally Maudlin

 ...Our Brand and Products    Dudley Maudlin travels overseas regularly to carefully select innovative, top quality appliances for the CarterNoir range. Sally and Dudley pride themselves on offering domestic appliances to consumers which are carefully chosen to enhance and simplify our lifestyles and save time! The first products selected to meet these criteria for Australia were the CarterNoir Hot Food Buffets from the United Kingdom (known in England as the Hostess Trolley). The Hot Food Buffet is a stylish, affordable domestic appliance which keeps hot food hot for hours. Used every day the Hot Food Buffet will save time and stress by keeping meals safely and appetisingly hot in busy families. The Hot Food Buffets are also an absolute necessity when entertaining, or during festive times such as Christmas. In addition to the Hot Food Buffet range, CarterNoir also now carries the LeMax Portable Glass Ceramic Grill.
Whilst currently the range is small, Sally and Dudley plan to add carefully chosen products on a regular basis and grow CarterNoir into a name synonymous with appliances which are innovative, stylish and top quality.

Dudley Maudlin


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Seaward Agencies Pty Ltd
Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Within Australia Phone: (07) 5477 5844
Outside Australia Phone: (617) 5477 5844

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